John CarmanMeet the Artist

I welcome you to experience the way I visually create my world through the use of brush stroke, design, emotion and oil paint.

I have loved creating art since the age of one. I experience fond memories - on an emotional level - visiting my grandparents' house, just lying on the floor drawing with a big old coffee can filled with crayons. Throughout my life that creativity has manifested in many artistic outlets from art school to corporate projects, landscape design to seasonal displays, graphic design and logo design, illustration, architectural design, and teaching art.

Somewhat older now, I am still that child with his coffee can full of crayons…I just prefer the feel and depth of oil paints and spend less time laying on the floor.

  • Subject Matter: My art is focused on the beauty perceived in nature. Landscapes and flowers are the general theme. All subject matter begins from a concept – perspective from my mind or experience, then impressionistically brought to life based on visual and emotional cues throughout the painting process. The goal while painting is to get myself out of the way and let the painting dictate the finished product.
  • Large Oil Paintings: As I progress through the years in the art of oil painting, the size of my canvas continues to increase. This has enabled me to express my style in a more direct and emotionally impactful method.
  • Continuous Evolution: As an artist in this medium, my main goals are to allow my art to become even more reductive with greater impact to represent an immediate expression and illustrate the beauty I experience in life.

Outside of Art

I will always be a work in progress. I view my relationship to the world as one that exhibits strength and leadership through compassion, personal integrity, and being accountable for my actions.

The best part of my life has and does revolve around the bond with my children and grandchildren. I am grateful for the grace and joy that I have had the privilege to experience life with my children and grandchildren through the years. I am equally fortunate to have a lifetime relationship with my best friend, wife, and my love. I am fully supported to follow my artistic talents solely because of her love for me.

Why "Obi"?

I became a grandfather in 2016 and my 4 grandchildren affectionately call me “Obi”. By default, my entire life is impacted by my grandchildren – they are a part of everything I do now and how I view the world – hence, I now sign all my artwork “Obi”.